HV Truck™ creates a new benchmark in zero emissions transport

Increased Reliability

With very few moving parts, our vehicles offer reliability that far exceeds traditional diesel fleets.Due to each wheel on an HV Truck™ having its own independent motor, downtime is dramatically reduced and delivery fulfilment is significantly boosted.

Reduced Costs

Thanks to the use of ultra-economic hydrogen, fuel-efficient aerodynamics and reduced breakdown and serving requirements, HV Truck™ can lower your operating costs by up to 19%. Additional benefits include lower administrative costs, daily savings on congestion charges and the fact that electric vehicles generally pay zero road tax.

Advanced Safety Features

Nothing is more important than safety. Therefore, our vehicles include, Active cruise control with collision warning system. Electronic stability programme, Autonomous emergency braking, Automatic parking brake, Front and side cameras, Reverse warning, Proximity sensors, Aerodynamically curved windscreens providing a greater range of vision.

The HV Truck™ interior is designed with the driver and fleet operator in mind

With drivers spending significant time within the cabin, their well-being & productivity is paramount. The cab’s interior is designated into 2 defined zones, one for driving, the other for driver down-time.


The Workcab zone is optimised for the driver’s full focus on the road.
With minimal visual distractions & reflections, plus a ‘driver station’ that is shaped around the driver, the area is designed primarily for maximum productivity and operational safety.


The ComfortCab zone maximises the sense of space available in the rear of the cab.
The area focuses on occupant comfort and well-being, in-turn contributing to enhanced driver performance and alertness.
As the area needs to perform a multitude of functions, whether it be lunch, sleeping or simply relaxing
– the modular design allows such activities to take place within the same space.