H2Van™ combines the city-friendly nature of small electric vans with the convenience of speedy hydrogen refuelling times.

Leading the Way

With state-of-the-art components throughout, H2Van™ is a vehicle that leads the way in the zero emission commercial transport field. The high-tensile, purpose-designed chassis provides maximum packaging space for storing hydrogen on board. The chassis is also modular, allowing for different wheelbase and length variants.

Driving H2Van™

The motors provide instant power from a stand still, allowing for progress to be made in all conditions. The small turning circle and easy controls lead to both swift and accurate movement and excellent driver control.

The keyless entry and start system reduce downtime for multi-drop drivers and increases security as the vehicle is secure the moment the driver leaves the cab.

This noiseless and pollution free vehicle provides a clean and pleasant working environment, and the large windscreen and rear-view cameras offer a clear view of the area surrounding the H2Van™.