Hydrogen refuelling stations are just like your average petrol station: there’s a pump and a nozzle, with a keypad and information display.

Simply place the nozzle over the receptacle to create a secure connection and in six minutes, you’ll have a full tank of fuel with a range of up to 500 miles.

EU Network of H2 Stations

The rapid growth of hydrogen refuelling station numbers across Europe means that 139 h2 filling networks now run seamlessly, forming hydrogen corridors from Norway to northern Italy and from western Switzerland to Vienna.

Norway, Great Britain, Austria and France have opened public hydrogen refuelling stations.

Germany FastTrack H2 Plan

In Germany, Total is part of a joint venture with industrial gas manufacturers Linde, car manufacturer Daimler and energy companies Shell and OMV, to develop a nationwide network of 400 hydrogen refuelling stations for new hydrogen vehicles by 2023.

It is clear that many other countries are planning and expanding their h2 refuelling networks with a focus on selected population centres.

Swiss Consortium Make a Move

After the successful trial of H2 as a fuel for its own fleet of trucks, Coop is opening public hydrogen refuelling stations.

Coop, Coop Mineraloel AG, the fenaco Cooperative, Migrol AG Agrola AG, AVIA Association and the Federation of Migros Cooperatives are establishing an association with the goal to jointly develop a nationwide network of hydrogen refuelling stations in Switzerland.

Back to Base Fuelling Solutions

HV Systems is working in partnership with HVI Energy and McPhy to deliver turnkey, on site, self-contained fuelling options for fleet operators. Sized according to the real needs of the market (type and number of vehicles), Mcphy hydrogen stations are modular and will evolve as your fleet of hydrogen vehicles grows.

From 20kg to 40 tons of hydrogen per day delivery capacity, we can fulfil every fleet operator requirement. These private stations are situated at distribution centres, warehouses or any other location of choice.