Clean Air Day 20th of June 2019

Clean Air Day 20th of June 2019

We participated in highlighting the importance of clean air as this is an integral part of the future. We made our pledges and we also attended Clean Air Day at George Square, where the children from Garnetbank Primary School lead the campaign for cleaner air.

Air pollution is an umbrella term for lots of different types of pollution in the air around us. All these pollutants can be inhaled and absorbed into your body. Different types of pollution are caused by different things, and can affect your body in different ways. For the most part, air pollution is invisible to the naked eye, so just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.Normally these particles are too small to see, but on some days with especially high pollution levels they can mix with other types of pollution to make the sky look a little hazy.

What’s the government doing to reduce air pollution?

The UK government has recently launched its Clean Air Strategy. The strategy sets out their plans for dealing with sources of air pollution. This includes things like developing new guidance on things that create pollution like tyres, brakes and wood stoves. They are also working to make sure that only the cleanest fuels are available for sale.


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